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Kaladi and Jubilee Coffee                                 

daily brew(hot) TOGO                       2.25 2.75 3.25

daily brew(hot) IN HOUSE                3.50 bottomless

cold brew coffee                               2.75 3.25 3.75

latte/cappucino/mocha                     3.50 4.00 4.50

americano                                         2.50 3.00 3.50

cafe au lait                                        2.50 3.00 3.50

Venetian Cream (iced/hot)                4.00 4.50 5.00

espresso                                           2.50

soy/almond/rice/coconut milk             .50


House made syrups:

vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, raspberry,

almond, peppermint, orange cardamom,

pistachio, mocha, white mocha,

cinnamon dolce, honey lavender,

Irish cream, and tangerine basil         .15

Tea Forte

iced/hot                                             2.75 3.25 3.75

au lait/latte                                         3.25 3.75 4.25

tea flight 4teas @2oz                         4.50


House Masala Chai                           4.00 4.50 5.00


Hot Chocolate                                    3.00 3.50 4.00

organic Belgian cocoa

(with or without our homemade whipped cream)


Qtea Juice                                         3.00 3.50 4.00

tangerine herbal tea w/organic

cherry juice & house orange syrup


House Bubbly (soda)                        2.50 3.50

orange cardamom, hazelnut

tangerine basil, root beer,

almond, raspberry


Fridge Drinks

Upstart Kombucha, RockyMountain Soda Co,

bottled water,Izzies, Big B's Applejuice and

Lemonade, and Pellegrino               .50-4.00



Mame's Burritos                                                          5.25 

Breakfast (all come w/potato, cheese, egg, & green chili)

vegetarian/bacon/sausage/glutenfree vegetarian

Lunch and Dinner

chicken - pinto beans, rice & cheese

chorizo - sweet potato, cilantro pesto & cheese

Maria Empanadas                                                         4.25

• Spanish pastry turnover filled with a variety of savory ingredients and baked •

Potato and Egg - potato, egg, and cheese blend

Chorizo and Egg - chorizo, egg, potato, and cheese blend

Vegan - veggie with chimichurri

Mushroom - with onion, garlic, and three cheese blend

Corn - with spice blend and cheese sauce

Spinach - with bechamel sauce (a rich white sauce)

Argentina - steak, red pepper, egg, green onion, and olive

Tango - ham, pepper, sweet onion, and mozzarella 

Make Believe Vegan Bakery                                 2.50-5.00

all vegan w/ gluten free options

scones, muffins, sweet potato cinnamon rolls, biscuits,

and gluten free chocolate cookies

La Fillete Baked Goods                                        1.50-6.00

traditional french almond croissants, cream cheese

cinnamon rolls and macarons    

La Belle Baked Goods                                        __.75-6.00

QUICHE: bacon&cheddar and spinach&mushroom

traditional french butter croissants, chocolate croissants,

blueberry muffins, cranberry scones, chocolatechip cookies,

raspberry cruffins, and strawberry croissants.

Outrageous Baking Baked Goods                        1.50-6.00

Gluten and Dairy free sweet breads

chocolate zucchini, cinnamon coffee cake, lemon poppy,

orange cranberry, pumpkin, and cherry chocolatechip


Fridge Snacks                                                         .50-2.00

hard boiled eggs/bananas/string cheese/fruit&veggie squeezes


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